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MACH 2018 Review

MACH 2018 is one show where function really does come before design. Because the scale of the machines on show here is only surpassed by their ingenuity.

MACH 2018 size

The sheer size of the machines on display is jaw-dropping. From the latest CNC machines to the landing gear from an A380 (yes really) stand design has to appreciate and celebrate the scale of the product on the stand.

Design of these stands needs to appreciate this scale and ensure that branding is prominent and not dwarfed or overshadowed by the product. This requires excellent project management and planning.

Safely getting these machines into position and back out again is not for the faint-hearted. The machines have considerable price tags and are extremely intricate. So the logistics involved in any single stand are immense, requiring a lot of specialist knowledge and expertise. Which only makes MACH more impressive.

Whilst many exhibitors excelled at this, a number allowed their stands to be obscured by their machines and therefore lost significant impact.

Global Scale

The show itself had a truly international feel, and it’s a testament to the strength of the UK manufacturing base (still the 7th largest in the world) that so many companies chose to exhibit at MACH.

Another real positive was the presence of so many school and college groups – All made to feel very welcome on numerous stands – again another credit to the manufacturing industry that they recognise the importance of bringing new brains into the industry.

DMN’s picks

For us, one of the best stands was by Mills CNC which featured a runway and airport departure lounge.

Other stands that impressed us were FANUC which utilised bold colours and sweeping buttresses to provide elegant canopies for their products.


So how should you get noticed at MACH 2020? The best way in today’s market is a stand that gets you noticed, both at the event and afterwards when people in the industry share and discuss it on social media like Pinterest and Instagram.

Trends are for delivering a hands-on experience and delivering a memorable brand experience. Creativity is the key to success at this event. How can you turn your products or services into a crowd-pleasing activation? If you want some ideas or a quote for your next stand, give us a call.

How about 2020?

If you are planning on taking your stand to MACH 2020,
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