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BIBA 2018 Review

Welcome to BIBA 2018, the insurance industry’s leading exhibition for brokers and industry professionals.

BIBA of the future

BIBA was traditionally a very corporate event with insurance companies keeping things simple and straightforward. However, times are changing at BIBA.

In recent years the event has become more and more focused on the future and engaging more intensely with those in attendance. To do this, the stands on show have become ever more complex and enjoyable.


Companies like Markle, APC and Ageas, have been working hard to shake off the corporate feel and show attendees what their companies value most – their customers. This more fun, sociable and human approach was more apparent than ever in 2018.

One of the more visible signs of this new attitude to presenting insurance was the rise of hospitality. Hospitality has always been a part of BIBA, but the scale of hospitality available this year was unparalleled.

Those attending were offered everything from bars (such as APC’s Bar None) to buns and biscuits (Ageas’ barista’s fresh coffee and baked goods). With all this hospitality available it was impossible for those visiting the show to not take advantage of it, you could even plan a whole day around it.

BIBA Quality

The only problem with so much choice is how do you stand out? This question is probably why so many companies had focused on the quality of their stands.

Stands on show were extremely high spec. With many using quite complex builds and rigs to make the spaces more interesting and usable.

Some focused on the spaces flow, offering various segments for different conversations. These spaces allowed companies like LV to put on a show, but also provide somewhere to sit and talk to them about what they offered, with a natural flow between the different areas.

There was also AXA whose use of complicated rigging made their space really stand out.

BIBA Trends

On top of the numerous bars and complex rigging and designs, a number of other trends stood out across the show.

Virtual Reality and interactive technology were extremely prevalent throughout the arena. With numerous insurers using VR’s ability to entertain and entice to significant effect.

Using VR attendees could pick the pace of their experience. On offer was everything from the more sedate (Davies Group ‘s virtual golf) to the more exciting (NMU’s 4D rollercoaster rides). These VR stands were a considerable success gained a lot of interest.

For those not pushing highly tech stands there was a noticeable shift towards engagement activations. The big hit of the event was the CII Groups #classroomtoboardroom stand.

This playful stand stole the social media show, with lots of people taking the time to have their picture’s taken there.

Epic day taking our @Ers.motors VIPs on the #ersrides for @BIBA #BIBA2018

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Another quite interesting approach was that of ERS. They’d decided to take a very different approach to engagement. Inside the event, it was business as usual, with an exceptionally well-built stand offering everything you’d expect from BIBA – and some fantastic hospitality.

Where ERS was different was outside the show. ERS had considered those using the hospitality at BIBA and came up with a very novel solution. Their fleet of mini’s was on hand to help BIBA’s guests enjoy every bit of the hospitality and make it home in one piece and keep those ERS looks after safe. It was a brilliant piece of brand awareness for an insurance company.


So how should you get noticed at BIBA 2019? This year’s show taught us that the old rules still apply. Be creative, be bold but also be clever and design with your audience in mind. And if you don’t have the biggest budgets then use humour and ingenuity to get yourself noticed, snapped and shared.

In shoer, creativity and quality is the key to success at this event.

Can we help you turn your products or services into a crowd-pleasing activation? If you want some ideas or a quote for your next stand, give us a call.

How about 2019?

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