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6 Reasons You Are Not Converting Leads From Exhibitions

Ever wondered why the excitement you get at the show doesn’t convert into sales? Exhibitions are not simply about being there and putting on a great show (although this is a big part of it). You also need to give people a reason to be there and to care once they leave. Your stand and […]

Reasons Not to Exhibit in 2017

There’s always a reason not to exhibit, many of them extremely compelling, or are they? If you look a little closer and are really honest, do they stand up? 1. You’re known enough No one is known enough, even Coke and McDonald’s advertise (a lot!) It’s short-term thinking, and your competitors are doing everything they […]

How do you know you are targeting the right audience at an exhibition?

People at an exhibition are looking for something, and they probably already know what it is. The key to your success is to understand whether it’s you they are looking for? What this means is simply knowing your audience and where they are likely to be, and then being there for them to find you. […]

Want to grow your exhibition leads?

The event might have finished, but you’re not. 80% of sales come after the 5th contact, so after the exhibition is when the real work begins. It’s time to start making a return on all the effort you put into your exhibition. But how? What you do after the event is what makes it a […]

Staff training, the missing ingredient in most exhibitions

When it comes to putting on an exhibition, it’s your team that are essential to making it work. Not just in planning it, but in being there on the day. At the event, they will be the human face of your business. They are the experience. Getting this right is integral to your exhibitions success, […]

5 questions to always ask when promoting your exhibition stand

Marketing your stand Is your message clear? A clear message doesn’t mean simply bright colours or a gimmick. It’s about where your proposition and your audience meet. It’s here that you state how you fulfil your target markets requirements. You need to clearly and loudly respond to their needs. Whether it’s quality, customer service or […]

9 Questions to ask when planning your exhibition stand

If you’re planning an exhibition, you’ll probably already know how much it takes to get you ready for the big day. Everything from finding someone to build your stand to building a following on social media, it’s not as simple as turning up and talking through your products. So we’ve decided to look at some […]

What’s the #1 way to save money on your exhibition stand?

Planning means more time, more savings and more success. So proper planning pays (or should that be saves?). Can planning save you money? Surely a stand will cost what it costs? Early planning and booking won’t make it free or guarantee discounts. But done correctly you will save. What planning does is simple, it puts […]

How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

How exactly do you get people to your stand at an exhibition? Turns out, it’s just good old-fashioned planning and common sense. So here are our top 10 tips for getting it right every time: 1. Success starts long before the exhibition Long before the event, you need to start letting people know it’s happening. […]