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Reasons Not to Exhibit in 2017

There’s always a reason not to exhibit, many of them extremely compelling, or are they? If you look a little closer and are really honest, do they stand up?

1. You’re known enough

  • No one is known enough, even Coke and McDonald’s advertise (a lot!)
  • It’s short-term thinking, and your competitors are doing everything they can to become even more recognisable.

2. It’s a hassle you don’t need

  • Exhibitions are not simple, but then what in business is?
  • Where else do you get so many opportunities under one roof?

3. Your team are not on board

  • Just give them a reason and the tools to succeed and they will.
  • Check out our blog on staff training for inspiration.
  • That may be true today, but might not always be so.
  • Generating leads is a constant and necessary part of any business; so anything that makes that simpler has got to be considered hasn’t it?

5. It never goes to plan or budget

6. You did it last year

  • The saying is you are only as good as your last show, but who is going to remember that when there have been numerous other shows since then, and you were not there?

7. You can not see the ROI

8. Your stand never turns out how you want

  • That is simple to fix; you just need to the right people.
  • With a company that understands what you want you can achieve almost anything.
  • Think of all the amazing stands you see; they did not just happen. It just takes a little work, imagination and expertise.
  • Check out our blog on designing your stand for some tips.

9. You have nothing new to offer

  • Exhibitions are not always about having something new and shiny.
  • They are just a forum for putting you on display.
  • So it is your chance to remind people who you are and why that still matters.

10. The audience is never right for your product

11. You don’t know what to do with the leads you get

  • That is not uncommon, as many exhibitions are about building relationships or interest, not direct sales.
  • The relationship is the key; you have to continue to cultivate these relationships for as long as possible.

12. We live in uncertain times

  • Brexit and other events are undoubtedly going to change things, but will not stop them. That is the nature of business.
  • Your company still has to do business; you simply have to be ready for change, whatever shape that takes.

13. Tech has made it too difficult

  • Technology is transforming exhibitions, but that does not mean you have to be technological. With a little assistance, any company can use technology to their advantage.
  • Do not be afraid, be excited. It is simply a new and incredibly exciting and engaging way to attract potential customers.

Exhibiting is not about creating extra challenges, it is about removing them. That does not mean it is simple, but it is effective. It allows you to create interest and meet engaged people directly without all the work of finding them and contacting them. While you are doing this, it also generates awareness with everyone else you did not speak to this time, because there is always next time.

So no matter how busy you are, confident you are or worried you the potential benefits are enormous.

Do not miss out by making excuses!


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