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5 questions to always ask when promoting your exhibition stand

Marketing your stand

Is your message clear?

A clear message doesn’t mean simply bright colours or a gimmick. It’s about where your proposition and your audience meet. It’s here that you state how you fulfil your target markets requirements. You need to clearly and loudly respond to their needs. Whether it’s quality, customer service or something else, it’s where you say why your product or service fits them better than your competitors. You just need to tell them clearly and interestingly.

What’s the marketing plan?

You need to promote the event before the day to make it a success. Most people plan their visits before they arrive on site and doing this will make you part of their agenda. So let them know you’re there and remind them as many times as possible before they get there. Recognition and awareness are the keys to numbers on the day.

At the exhibition

What’s the plan for the day?

Once you have a design, you need to have a plan of attack. You need to look at staffing, training, schedules, promotions, supporting events, social media and post-event activity. And all of this needs a plan and to be ready to put into action the moment you arrive, or before if necessary.

How do you create interest?

Once on site, you need to keep your momentum going. To do it you’ll need to be active at the event. Don’t just arrive and wait for people to come to you, be proactive and go and get them or find a clever way to encourage them to enter your stand. From engaging with people around the event to engaging with people on social media. Engage, engage, engage. It gets people talking.

And finally…

What happens next?

Your post-event activity is what makes any event a success. You need to have a plan in place for what this is long before you arrive. But most importantly you need to act on it. Most sales won’t come immediately, but persistence always pays off in the long run.

Remember, exhibition planning isn’t rocket science, and having answers to these questions will make it a far simpler process. So don’t let your stand get the better of you, just ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers.

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