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On the winning team

At DMN, we know that it’s our job to make our partners look great – not the other way round. But we’re still extremely proud of what we produce.

Amazing success at The Yard

So, when a partner agency wins awards for a project that we built, it’s very exciting. And, in one fantastic week The Yard Creative have won:

  • Mark of Excellence, Retail Week Interior Awards 2016 Winner
  • DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2016/17 Winner
  • Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards 2016 Winner

The Yard Creative is the UK’s leading retail design agency, and we’ve been partnering with them for several years.

One vision

Last year we helped them deliver a challenging and groundbreaking project for their client, World Vision.

World Vision's "The Story Shop" kiosk

The results have been spectacular:

  • 29% growth of the World Vision UK retail channel
  • 65% above target for child sponsorship acquisitions
  • 5% uplift in the conversion to retention of new supporters

The concept

The concept’s success has come from elevating fundraising to a whole new level. With the charity taking spaces in major UK Retail centres (including both Westfields) and challenging The Yard to create something truly distinctive, interactive and informative, something that would start conversations with potential donors.

The builds were complicated and involved innovative processes at every stage. We were often left scratching our heads when coming up with ways of interweaving The Yard’s brilliant design with build materials and interactive technology.

But when our clients are winning awards for what we’ve built them, we know we must have got it right.


It’s this belief in supporting our partners that has helped us build truly long-term relationships time and time again (we still work with our very first client 54 years on). That’s why we’re so successful with agencies – in fact, we’re the supplier of choice for most UK’s leading agencies.

So, one last time we’d like to congratulate The Yard Creative on their victories. It was an incredible concept, and we were proud to a part of it.