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Cu Phosco stand at LuxLive exhibition 2017

LuxLive 2017 Review

LuxLive is always a favourite event here at DMN. Lighting is a great way to stand out, particularly at exhibitions; so we like to keep our eye on emerging trends so we can bring them back to our clients.

Also, as stand designers, it is a particularly fascinating show to attend. In a room full of companies that use lighting professionally, how specific exhibits manage to stand out using light is fascinating.

Gooee: IoT and lighting

Gooee as main sponsors pulled out all the stops to bring their dynamic lighting ecosystem to life. Their impressive stand and technology were particularly fascinating.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) has dominated this year’s LuxLive (as it does in so many other exhibitions these days).

Within the IoT’s broad spectrum there were some significant new developments and products. Some of the more practical and popular IoT products were those that allowed a level of automation and control never seen before.

Feilo Sylvania’s, Lux Awards Commended, Concord Beacon Tune is a connected light with singular use. For use in Museums and galleries, it’s a highly tuneable lighting solution that gives the user the ability how the works are perceived.

Where IoT works best, however, is in the simplicity of the solutions it finds for even the most complex problems. One exciting example at LuxLive was how Nordic Semiconductors are providing simple solutions to let people start taking full advantage of the IoT at work.


The real IoT excitement at LuxLive centred around Li-Fi – the capability to use light as a data carrier. It’s a development that could revolutionise both the lighting and internet industry.

It’s possibly the catalyst that could help push wi-fi into its next phase of evolution. Moving the industry away from the traditional Wi-Fi networks we currently use. The big question is whether Li-Fi will work with traditional Wi-Fi (as it is compatible) or replace it?

The particularly exciting Li-Fi developments on display this year were:

Linmore’s Li-Fi battens which can offer data speeds of up to 43 Megabits-per-second (Mbps).

And there was PureLiFi and Lucibel’s: Ores luminaire. This ground-breaking technology embeds Li-Fi components in an LED downlight and fixture. Supporting up to 16 users at a time, while delivering speeds of up to 45 megabits per second, this is next generation technology today.

Light as an engagement technique

Lightwave Interactive’s stand was particularly exciting for us, due mainly to its enormous engagement potential, check out the video in the tweet below.

Their use of LED lights to create interactive, multi-sensory experiences was extremely engaging, with their vivid stand coming to life using only the simplest gestures. The applications for this technology are both extensive and entertaining.

Virtual Reality

We were also pleased to see VR starting to make an appearance. LIA successfully used VR to bring their factory to the show, giving users an immersive and informative tour of their facilities.

Using VR attendees could explore their new, purpose built 12,500 sq ft laboratory in Telford. The tour let people see the work they do in detail, with a particular focus on the luminaire testing process. It was a simple way to take attendees deeper into the industries development without ever leaving the arena.


Linea Light Group opted for a beautifully simple stand showing that less can be more:

Linea’s unusual approach of blocking off most of the access to their stand worked perfectly to showcase their product range in a captivating way.

Cu Phosco stand at LuxLive exhibition 2017

LuxLive 2017 Showstopper

Another emerging trend is experiential stands. We are starting to see this filter into the B2B events, and it makes perfect sense.

Cu Phosco Lighting (for us) stole the show, quite literally with a vintage cinema-themed stand.

We liked the kitsch style of Cu Phosco’s stand, which was full of fun and humour throughout. Sometimes trade shows can be a bit serious – but these guys bucked the trend.

It is a well thought out stand theme that ties in great with their corporate video.

All these stands and more made for yet another fascinating event. LuxLive always deliver exciting concepts and groundbreaking technology. However, it is the inventive and creative way these are delivered that separates it from other events.

Cutting-edge technology is made fun and accessible. Stands like Lightwave’s, Cu Phosco’s and others, helped visitors understand just what lighting technology can do. Moreover, it is this continued commitment to pushing boundaries in a more human and engaging way that continues to make LuxLive such a success.

How about 2018?

If you are planning on taking your stand to LuxLive, DMN already have our teams building show-stopping stands on-site each year so if you want to benefit from our event experience and creativity why not book a free consultation session? We guarantee it will be a ‘bright idea’.