January Furniture Show 2018 Review

Published on February 1, 2018 by By DMN

2018’s furniture calendar got off to a stylish start with a huge turnout for the January Furniture Show at the NEC.

This year’s event was a big hit with manufacturers and stockists, flocking to find out what trends will be making waves in 2018. And there was a lot to get to grips with.

For us, there were some trends on display this year that stood out. However, one thing that was prevalent throughout the whole exhibition was the return of ‘sumptuous’.

Sumptuous Settings

Sofa’s, beds, lampshades and beyond, sumptuous and elegant styles, fabrics and colours were evident everywhere.

Exhibitors at this years January Furniture Show spared no expense to show off their designs in all their glory. With many lavishing them with the kind of attention these rich pieces needed to set the scene for 2018.

Amino's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018

Statement Sofa’s

One of the key trends throughout the show was the rise of ‘statement’ sofa. With designers putting on display numerous bold and enticing looking sofa’s conceived to stand-out from the crowd.

Tetrad Sofas's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
From materials and fabrics to colours and size, these sofa’s set the scene for many of the design trends on show at this year’s event.

The January Furniture Show even awarded its prestigious Living category award to Tetrad’s Constable sofa range.

Amino's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018

Vibrant Fabrics

Many of the statement sofas exhibited relied on remarkably vibrant fabrics. Anticipating this, fabric manufacturers had shifted their designs this year in-line with this trend; leading to a riot of colour throughout the show.

John Sankey Furniture's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018

Companies like Ross and Collins & Hayes have developed a number of exciting ranges to support this burgeoning desire to make a statement. Which only underlined the significance of the trend for 2018.

Specialist Fabrics

This shift to more striking colour configurations was supported by many of the fabric manufacturers keen to highlight the developments they’ve made in their fabrics.

Ross Fabrics' stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
Some, like Ross, have also made significant advances in producing fabrics that can genuinely withstand modern living. Ross’s most recent development is the advance of simplicity in caring for their fabrics. Now all you need is water.

Nature is Back

Another developing trend was the rise of natural textures and colours. With companies eager to use influences from nature to add a more earthy, real feeling to their furniture.

All Sofas Ltd's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
Everything from plants to natural materials were on display throughout the show.

Alexander & James's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
Designers weren’t simply, satisfied with adding these to their settings. Instead, they were incorporating elements from nature within the designs themselves; using sculpture, prints and more.

Makasi Imports' stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
The event also recognised this return to nature awarding Think Rugs its Decor Category award for their bold Woodland Rug.

White Meadow's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018

British Invasion

Another exciting development at this years event was the rise in British manufacturers exhibiting. With many exciting young and established companies on show, and pushing the industry forward.

Spink & Edgar's stand at the January Furniture Show 2018
Companies like John Sankey, Rom, Spink & Edgar and Collins & Hayes were notable for their extremely luxurious and challenging designs that generated a lot of interest from attendees.


So how should you get noticed at January furniture Show 2019? The best way in today’s market is a stand that gets you noticed, both at the event and afterwards when people in the industry share and discuss it on social media like Pinterest and Instagram.

Trends are for delivering a hands-on experience and delivering a memorable brand experience. Creativity is the key to success at this event. How can you turn your products or services into a crowd-pleasing activation? If you want some ideas or a quote for your next stand, give us a call.

How about 2019?

If you are planning on taking your stand to January Furniture Show 2019,
DMN already have our teams building show-stopping stands on-site each year
so if you want to benefit from our event experience and creativity
why not book a free consultation session? We guarantee great ideas ‘sofa’ as the eye can see.

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