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Smart AV Virtual Reality Experts

Introducing our newest partners…

Say hello to Smart AV

DMN are always looking to push boundaries within the exhibition industry and to do that you need the right partners. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the people at Smart AV to offer our clients the most cutting edge, interactive audiovisual experiences possible.

Who are they

Smart AV are audiovisual and interactive technology experts. With over 10 years of industry experience, Smart AV have built their longevity on passion and expertise, and they’ve dedicated themselves to providing smart technology, smart people and even smarter events.


What they do

Smart AV provide integrated event technology services that help to build authentic and exciting brand environments for clients. Fuelled by a passion for technology and attention to detail, they continually push the boundaries of traditional ‘AV services’ to always remain at the forefront of the industry. Which lets them deliver technology experiences of all shapes and sizes; from large-scale LED conference sets and projection mapping to multi-touch walls, virtual reality experiences, motion sensors and interactive mirrors.


What they offer

Smart AV’s team of experts will work with us every step of the way. This means the same dedicated team at every stage of the process from creation to delivery. From technologists, programmers and R&D consultants, to specialist LED technicians and Production Managers; their team is varied and incredibly good at what they do. And as certified members of the AV Alliance, they also have instant connections to local, approved and trusted audio visual suppliers no matter where in the world you should need them.

This is a genuinely exciting collaboration changing how we create and innovate stand design in the future. And together we can’t wait to start bringing our clients stands to life in some extraordinary ways.


Do you have a project or want to find out more?

Contact Matt Briggs on +44 (0) 1484 451061 or click here to drop him an email