Heimtextil 2018 Review

Published on January 31, 2018 by By DMN

Heimtextil 2018 recently brought to life its theme of an urban future. With Heimtextil themselves ahead of the event pushing a number of key trends and lifestyle considerations that laid the gauntlet to exhibitors.

raum interiors stand at Heimtextil 2018

The Future is Urban

stand at Heimtextil 2018
This led to a fascinating, multisensory show, where the world’s leading fabric designers brought their thoughts and designs on the urban interior of the future to life in some fascinating ways.

pauloafcorreia stand at Heimtextil 2018
Amongst Heimtextil’s predicted trends for the show a number of ideas and concepts when put into practice particularly stood out for from the rest, most notably for us were:

  • Calming spaces: using relax/recharge and perfect imperfection colour concepts
  • Healthy spaces: using the urban oasis colour concept
  • Flexible spaces: using a soft minimal colour concepts

Calming Spaces

stand at Heimtextil 2018
One of the more bold concepts generating interest at the show was the choice of colours used to create many of the “calming spaces”.

Relax / Recharge

stand at Heimtextil 2018
Many of the concepts had opted to push for a more bold solution incorporating striking, but contrasting reds and blues.

stand at Heimtextil 2018
The idea behind these colour choices being the warming and cooling effects of the colours and balancing them to create a calmer space. This thinking led to some powerful spaces for attendees to experience.

stand at Heimtextil 2018

Perfect Imperfections

Other designers based their calmer spaces around the concept of perfect imperfections. Which according to Heimtextil is the “embodiment of the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (accepting imperfection), materials and products bear the marks of their making, embracing visible brushstrokes, stitching and joinery, a poetic documentation of their creation”.

stand at Heimtextil 2018
The idea is that these kinds of designs and materials could create calmer spaces through the acceptance of their flaws or quirks. And these all come from processes more focused on ancient handcrafted techniques or imperfect colouring techniques. These methods provide a more natural, organic, less formal feel.

Healthy Spaces

stand at Heimtextil 2018
With more and more people living in urban spaces, designers are trying to make these spaces more beneficial to their inhabitants. For many, the offices and homes of the future have to work to help those inhabiting them lead healthier lives.

stand at Heimtextil 2018

Urban Oasis

stand at Heimtextil 2018
These ideas led to concepts that incorporated plants and fabric designs inspired by the natural world. All leading to a feeling of the outdoors indoors.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018
Stand at Heimtextil 2018

Healthier Work Spaces

These concepts weren’t only for the home, with designers realising the concept’s potential for the workplace of the future.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018

Flexible Spaces

One of the key ideas behind the concept of “the future is urban” is the need for more flexibility in the space we use. As more and more people move to cities space will be at a premium.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018
So Heimtextil had challenged designers to push this concept as far as possible. Creating spaces, materials and fabrics that could help make urban living as beautiful as it was functional and necessary.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018

Soft Minimal

Stand at Heimtextil 2018
For these types of spaces, many designers opted for a more minimal and flexible colour palette. With many using pastels, corals and saturated tones.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018
These concepts focused more on the functionality of the items and space. Giving colours that could work across a number of spaces and uses. And could be coupled together whenever necessary. Creating intelligent and considered solutions for those trying to make the most of the materials they use.

Stand at Heimtextil 2018

Missoni stand at Heimtextil 2018

Stand at Heimtextil 2018


So how should you get noticed at Heimtextil 2019? The best way in today’s market is a stand that gets you noticed, both at the event and afterwards when people in the industry share and discuss it on social media like Pinterest and Instagram.

Trends are for delivering a hands-on experience and deliveringĀ a memorable brand experience. Creativity is the key to success at this event. How can you turn your products or services into a crowd-pleasing activation? If you want some ideas or a quote for your next stand, give us a call.

How about 2019?

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