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Pop-Up Stor(i)es

World vision Pop-Up Retail Kiosk

Pop Up Stores aren’t for everyone, but they should be. Because if you want a simple, cost effective and exciting way to engage customers, there’s really nothing better. Changing Face of Pop Up Stores Pop Up Stores have changed dramatically over the years. Gone is the ‘make do and mend’ attitude around available space. Gone […]

6 Reasons You Are Not Converting Leads From Exhibitions

Ever wondered why the excitement you get at the show doesn’t convert into sales? Exhibitions are not simply about being there and putting on a great show (although this is a big part of it). You also need to give people a reason to be there and to care once they leave. Your stand and […]

Metrics to watch when marketing your events

What makes a successful exhibition? It’s a tough question, with no simple answer. Every company has different objectives, so how can they hope to evaluate them? For many, basic ROI formulas are insufficient. Exhibitions are about exposure and engagement as well as sales, and to understand your exhibition’s success you have to understand the relationship […]

What are the main challenges of exhibiting abroad?

Ever wondered if exhibiting abroad could be an easy way to grow your audience fast? Exhibiting can be extremely good for business if done correctly. Nothing quite beats face-to-face marketing and sales. And doing it abroad is no different. In fact exhibiting abroad comes with a number of key benefits that can all help your […]

Reasons Not to Exhibit in 2017

There’s always a reason not to exhibit, many of them extremely compelling, or are they? If you look a little closer and are really honest, do they stand up? 1. You’re known enough No one is known enough, even Coke and McDonald’s advertise (a lot!) It’s short-term thinking, and your competitors are doing everything they […]

How do you know your exhibition was a success?

The 8 faces of exhibition ROI Everyone is always saying what a great opportunity exhibitions are, but ultimately it comes down to their ROI. However, this isn’t as simple as just looking at your sales; often there is a little more to it. What is exhibition ROI? ROI for exhibitions isn’t simply about sales. If […]

Exhibition Trends 2017

An exhibition is just an exhibition, right? Not anymore. Exhibitions are evolving fast, with technology and inventiveness making these stalwarts of the business calendar essential to your business planning. So what’s new for 2017? More content If you want to engage with your audience, you’re going to need more than a stack of leaflets. To […]

What’s the #1 way to save money on your exhibition stand?

Planning means more time, more savings and more success. So proper planning pays (or should that be saves?). Can planning save you money? Surely a stand will cost what it costs? Early planning and booking won’t make it free or guarantee discounts. But done correctly you will save. What planning does is simple, it puts […]

How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

How exactly do you get people to your stand at an exhibition? Turns out, it’s just good old-fashioned planning and common sense. So here are our top 10 tips for getting it right every time: 1. Success starts long before the exhibition Long before the event, you need to start letting people know it’s happening. […]