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Google Campus exhibition stand at Bett 2018

BETT 2018 Review

Every year Bett showcases the future of the education industry through innovations in technology. The technology and ideas on show this year look set to transform the learning experience in some truly fascinating and exciting ways.

Technology in education is nothing new; in fact, it has been a critical part of learning for a very long time. However, the sheer range and imagination of tools available at Bett 2018 are astonishing.

Technology now impacts every aspect of learning, from classroom management and connectivity to creative and technical education. With the right blend of technology, students today can learn anything, anywhere.

Bett 2018: Inspiring and Protecting

Although educational technology now touches on all areas of education from learning to administration, the two key focuses generating the most interest at this years Bett were safety and imagination.

A myriad of companies had technologies on exhibition that were designed from the ground-up to inspire children’s learning journeys or protect them throughout them. They are areas where technology is revolutionising how learning is provided, by giving the children the freedom and opportunity to take their education in directions never before possible.

So what were the key trends?

Keeping Children Safe

A number of companies had technology on show that helped make being online a safer place. Two such ideas generating interest were web filtering services and school connectivity software.

Web Filtering

Many schools are now benefiting from technology that helps make their safety filters much more robust. Companies like Impero Software, Exa Technology and Smoothwall were at the event to show just how comprehensive these services now are.

Impero’s imaginative stand managed to bring this quite serious product to life with its unique Diner design. Helping attendees digest the benefits of the services they provide easily.

School Connectivity software

Another approach of interest were the types of software solutions currently being developed by companies like iSAMS and Weduc. In different ways, they are attempting to bring schools and the communities they operate in closer together; developing comprehensive social solutions with safety ingrained.

These technologies connect not only schools and teachers but also students and parents, providing all with a place where they can work together.

These technologies also produce learning opportunities too. The secure remote connectivity can also help take learning outside the classroom. This could be anything from teaching students unable to attend class remotely using software like BKSB’s, to helping provide additional online tutoring to help with exams with services such as BOFA’s personalised learning.

Keeping Children Inspired

For many companies, technology is the ideal tool for bringing education and imagination closer together, and Bett is the perfect forum for putting this thinking on display.

Companies focused game-based learning, content-rich learning environments and using technology to develop digital skills were all generating real interest at the events.

Game-based learning

Making learning more fun is a simple idea. However, companies spend a lot of time trying to ensure they are striking the right balance. Companies like SMART are now pushing the boundaries of just how beneficial this type of learning can be.

Microsoft Education are also working hard within this area. Microsoft has teamed up with companies like Lego Education and Minecraft to find different ways to make learning more inspiring. The idea is that using these tools will allow schools to think differently about how knowledge is shared and understood.

Content-rich blended learning environments

Another area of significant interest and development at Bett was educational learning environments. With companies like Google and Microsoft using a number of technologies to take children beyond the classroom.

Google’s large and complex stand had a significant amount of space devoted to numerous technologies and developments it is working on. Everything from Virtual Reality expeditions around the world to Augmented Reality and beyond. Their suite of educational tools was extensive, and all wonderfully compatible, designed to make using their tools simpler for teachers wherever they are.


Microsoft are also moving in this direction too. With tools like their Hololens and Surface ranges equipped to helped build rich educational environments for students to learn and express themselves more easily.

Microsoft were even providing useful workshops for teachers to get to grips with how to use these tools immediately.

Using technology to develop digital skills

Another key focus was on the practical uses of technology to help develop digital skills in schools. With companies using everything from interactive screens to robots to inspire the programmers of tomorrow.

IBoard Touch, Sony and others were at the show with a huge array of interactive screens and technologies. Allowing teachers to present, interact and engage with their learning materials more freely. But more importantly, so can the students using these same technologies.

The same thinking has also led companies like Rapid and others to develop practical, tools like Robotics builders, to provide a more interesting, and hands-on approach to programming. Moving it away from a screen into a tangible, malleable thing makes it far more engaging for students.

Like so much at Bett, these tools take learning in a more compelling direction. Moving teaching away from the traditional tools of the trade. Technology allows every aspect of education to become more engaging and inclusive.

Bett also showed that even with the constraints on education spending, there are solutions that help schools innovate and teach more effectively within this environment. And because of this, the show is more popular than ever. Bett’s organisers have created a truly thriving forum for exhibitors to display their ideas to a truly engaged audience. Which is to be applauded.


So how should you get noticed at Bett? Trends are for delivering a hands-on experience and delivering a memorable brand experience. Creativity is the key to success at this event. How can you turn your products or services into a crowd-pleasing activation? If you want some ideas or a quote for your next stand, give us a call.

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